Before, during and after — the transformation of a street into a people place.

With the lines of buildings fixed, it can be a challenge to find space for public seating. Yet just south of Robson at Bute is a newly installed pavement to plaza, welcoming everyone in. Day or night, you can enjoy melodies from the community piano while relaxing in bright modular seats. The trial space is a City partnership with the Robson St BIA, recognized by Transportation 2040 and West End Community plans.

Again, a lovely production from Kathleen Corey and Brian Gould. Make sure your sound is on and providing hi-q audio to you.


  1. I LOVE this little plaza, but mainly because it has traffic calmed Haro St and stopped commuters cutting through from Georgia/Alberni to Thurlow. Thanks for reminding me to send off some supportive emails.

    1. Yes to this! Not only is it a great public space that has been actively used since its instigation, but it turns Haro Street into a true safe neighbourhood street and bikeway. No more angry commuters racing past the hordes of pedestrians and cyclists coming from the south.

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