Shift Delivery is hiring.
ShiftFrom a standing start in August 2011, Shift Delivery, the trike-based delivery company, just keeps on rolling.  They’re a highly visible part of Vancouver’s ever-growing bike culture.
Each trike handles loads up to 75 cubic feet and 500 lb. Shift are now also working cargo trikes as an advertising vehicle.
More about Shift HERE, where Business In Vancouver’s Albert Van Santvoort interviews Shift Delivery co-owner Ben Wells.  Good information if you are considering a job there.
Shift.Owner.Wells“Our co-op journey has taught me that the most important thing for people running a business to do is to dig deep, know your values and stick to them,” Wells said. “Really understanding the core principles that matter to you sets the foundation for good decision-making and great leadership, and provides guidance through the roughest of times.”
On corporate structure | “It’s sort of ironic that we have this constant dialogue in the public sphere about how important democracy is but then we run all of our businesses like feudal states.”
While thinking about Shift, and its relative youth as a company, I am reminded: “All that is old shall be new again”.  Well, not quite.  Looks like we’ve kept the cargo trike but thankfully ditched the cigarettes.

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