London England is always slightly ahead of the curve and the Evening Standard reports on the cutting edge work of a community alliance formed by “London Living Streets, 20s Plenty for Us and Living Streets”, to make them more comfortable and safer for all users. They are calling for  “segregated cycle lanes, the removal of gyratory systems and a default, London-wide 20mph speed limit.” as well as a ban on those large digital advertising signs, the removal of central white lines on roads, and the use of speed cameras on all bridges.
By introducing these concepts as well as narrowing streets and full time, capital-wide road-pricing  they believe that fatalities and serious injuries can be alleviated. Other recommendations are regulating autonomous vehicle speeds, and ensuring that trucks have side baffles to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists are not dragged under the truckbeds at corners.
“Some of these policies have been considered before but it has been very piecemeal,” said group spokesman Jeremy Leach. “We have already seen support for this from the new Mayor’s administration and Transport for London but we want them all pulled together under an effective ‘Vision Zero’ policy. We know from looking at other cities that these measures work. It would be daft not to try them.”