The new paved pathway of the Arbutus Greenway pushes beyond Burrard, into the near-nameless neighbourhood north of Broadway. (Burrard Slopes, I think, but so bland.)

You can already see how the greenway is becoming the organizing open space for this neighbourhood, particularly with the new kid’s park on the curve, just before the Fir Street off-ramp of the Granville Bridge.

At this point, the pavement ends at Fir:

Beyond is the critical link that extends the greenway to Granville Island and Seaside (see dotted line on map above).  When completed, the AB then becomes the Kitsilano and west-side active-transportation connector to False Creek – and the network effect will balloon the use of the corridor.  Like any manifestation of induced demand, this is not to be under-estimated.


  1. It’s fairly flat uphill to Kerrisdale having been a railbed. In time it should be a popular route,

  2. I think the route would turn north/east at West 1st Ave and head down to “Fisherman’s Wharf”.
    The curved RoW that you have marked traverses the Squamish Nation lands under and adjacent to the Burrard Bridge.
    Until that land is developed (which is planned) you won’t see an official public pathway through the site.

  3. Agreed, it wouldn’t go through the FN lands as the mark up on the picture shows, but rather turn at 1st to join up with the Seaside Greenway along False Creek, which is being improved through there.
    The uncertainty, per conversations with City staff, is because of the opportunity to link up to the Granville Bridge. There isn’t a question that they want to push through to the water at the north end, and I am sure that will happen, but there are different locations where they can do that. If they are able to link to the Granville Bridge and a new Greenway across the bridge, then that presents a reason to build the connection to the water off that link, and not down the former CP ROW from 6th to 1st.
    I look forward to the question being resolved. With construction complete, the network effect will then take over.

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