The Mayor’s council has sent out this press release on today’s Federal Gov’t Budget announcement.  It looks like ~ $ 2.2B for the Millennium Line Broadway Extension (a.k.a. Broadway subway) and the Surrey LRT.  Smaller things too.
Pattullo Bridge replacement funding is a little less clear.

Today the TransLink Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation welcomed the Government of Canada’s commitment of approximately $2.2 billion in its 2017-2018 budget which marks the next step forward in building two critically important rapid transit projects in Metro Vancouver.
The estimated contribution from the government’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) builds upon an initial commitment of $370 million for local transit projects in 2016, which at a combined total of $2.6 billion marks the single largest federal investment in Metro Vancouver transportation in at least 20 years.
TransLink and the Mayors’ Council can now move forward in negotiations with the provincial government to secure matching funds for Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation, which includes construction of the Millennium Line Broadway Extension in Vancouver and the Surrey LRT, as well as increased service on existing SkyTrain lines, continued expansion of bus service in every corner of the region, and new funding for major roads, walking and cycling infrastructure.

Time for the Province to pitch in.


  1. This is good news. And an excellent place to start thinking about planning for the ultimate completion of the rapid transit network. Many kudos to the feds for realizing their promised urban agenda.
    I suspect the province will try to steal the glory as it makes a funding announcement on Broadway and Surrey during the election campaign. We need to be reminded how much the BC Libs have obfuscated, delayed and arrogantly put down local governance on transit issues through their vehicle of choice: TransLink.

    1. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has called this budget a game changer with respect to transit funding. Not for the $ amounts committed, but for the announcement of an allocation program for transit funding. That program is seen as providing municipalities the ability to plan longer term investments with more confidence. Fewer cap-in-hand asks, more transparency. Interested to see how it works.

  2. Too bad the “transit fixated” local mayors can’t see the real problem. All this will do is further congest the region. Where are the true visionary leaders we used to have years ago – those civic leaders that we could look up to and respect. This is very short sighted but, oh well, at least the Mayor of Vancouver will be able to put his bicycle on a nearby Skytrain and go on his way while the rest of us suffer in needless traffic…

    1. @ Freewaydriver, please name one jurisdiction anywhere on the ever-so-degrading planet where building additional freeways has permanently relieved congestion and increased the quality of human health.
      Again, many kudos to the Canadian government for recognizing the best way forward for mobility in our cities is moving people, not cars.

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