The post on the World’s Best Bus Stop in Singapore got a lot of interest.  You can actually see it under construction on Google Maps Streetview:

Tim Barton asked:

Does the amount of stuff to do here suggest that people are waiting a long time for a bus? I love this, but I would hope that people aren’t waiting long enough to make use of most of it. Shelter, seating, landscaping and bus time info excellent though.

Good question.  So after a bit of research, I found out the stop was at Jurong East Central, went to the map and clicked on the bus logo:

Ta Da:

Here are some of the buses on the Departure board:
Jurong 5
So no, a Singaporean is probably not waiting very long – or at least knows when the next bus is coming. (That makes such a difference).  And has a lot of choice.
BTW, you can do exactly the same thing in Vancouver:

I just can’t check out a library book at my bus stop.

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