. . .  we have Statistics Canada ready to serve, with the 2016 Census count as of May 10, 2016.  This release of data focuses on population and dwellings, with further releases through to November on various topics.
Rev up those data-crunching machines and brain cells.

  • People:   35,151,728
  • Location:  35.5% of Canadians live in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
  • Growth (2011-2016):  5% overall; 66% of that from migration (immigration minus emigration)
  • Growth location:  Nunavut (12.7%); Alberta (11.6%); Sask (6.3%); Manitoba (.58%); BC (5.6%); Canada overall (5.0%)

The detailed products from StatsCan are endless, like this example on the Vancouver “Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)“:


  1. With 12 1/2 million people in Canada’s three largest cities, and about 29 million people (~85% of the population) residing in all kinds of urban development, you would think the federal government would have a full-blown Ministry of Cities and a minister occupying a seat in the inner cabinet. Instead, we have a second tier Ministry of State.
    Put another way, wouldn’t it be advantageous to have the Constitution amended to establish a closer official relationship between the feds and cities, and to pull cities out from under the province’s thumbs (at least half way)?

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