30 km/h

As reported  in Ville 30 the  town of Gland Switzerland with a population of 12,500 have decided that the ENTIRE road network within the town will be restricted to 30 km/h with the exception of a few main arteries.

Why? To ensure that Vision Zero goals of safety and comfort for all road users are paramount, and to ensure  a better coexistence with what the French call “soft mobility” users. Streets will use visual markers where those 30 km/h zones start, and streets will be narrowed using alternate on street parking, which will also slow speeds.

The town of Gland set up the goal to go to 30 km/h ten years ago and finally got approval from the higher state authority . With that approval the town is hosting public meetings to show their plans and will fully implement the speed restrictions in the spring. Further restricting vehicle speed to 20 km/h near the train stations is now being discussed.

The use of 30 km/h  zones has been limited in British Columbia to a few main streets, school zones and areas in Victoria and  Vancouver as well as the tiny town (population 3,500) of Rossland.  Adopting a city-wide driving speed limit allows for uniform application and enforcement of the new speed limits, enhances road safety for other road users, and makes for a more comfortable convenient walking and biking environment. Kudos to Gland for leading the way.