In case you missed this post, and before 2016 falls too far into fond memory, I would like to honour its passing with an award for the Most Millenial App of 2016.
Millennials have a steep hill to climb to make it in Vancouver, with crushing student debt, rising housing prices, and increased struggles in the job market serving as three prime examples. To make ends meet in such conditions, we Millennials have to find ways to be efficient with our time throughout our busy day – and Dominoes Pizza struck gold in 2016 with an App that, once pressed, gives you 10 seconds to not order a pizza.
You read that correctly. Once opened, the app uses a pre-selected pie as your assumed order and automatically pays from your credit card if you don’t cancel within 10 seconds.
This company has found a way to give time back to Millennials – time best spent fighting for a way to keep calling this city home. We don’t have a hot second for pizza.

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