Price Tags did award a 2016  Gordie to the Trump Tower for being one of the most polarizing planning issues of the previous year. In our comments we noted-

Trump Tower –”what are they thinking low hanging fruit, definitely a huge sore spotOfficial opening postponed, although much of the building is in every-day use through the back door.”

Price Tags has visited the Trump Tower on business in New York City and noted that the interior was-well-kind of early 1980’s, complete with lots of outdated marble finishes, and a lot of what could only politely be termed as Las Vegas glitz. However Price Tags was fascinated to learn that the Vancouver Trump Hotel that is still not opened already has a load of reviews, as noted in the Metro News.

“If you’re looking for a luxury hotel offering “unpresidented” guest service, “only takes Russian Rubles” currency, and “sucked, bigly,” look no further than the bizarre Google reviews pouring in for Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver…At time of publishing on Tuesday afternoon all but two of the 58 anonymous, user-submitted written reviews for the hotel that accompany its Google listing are negative — most of them mocking the Trump brand using the President-Elect’s own insults and idioms. “Unpresidented care for guests,” quipped Grant Moore, who gave the hotel just one-of-five stars. It was a reference to Trump’s Dec. 17 tweet in which he misspelled “unprecedented.”

While some Trump Hotels have been rebranded “Scion” hotels, Vancouver’s Holborn Group has not indicated that any rebranding will happen at the Vancouver Trump Hotel due to be opened any day. Until then, the Google listings are the only hotel reviews available for Vancouver’s Trump Tower.



  1. How many MetroNews readers, or MetroNews journalists for that matter, can afford to stay at the Trump Hotel or would even chose to stay at a fairly expensive 5 star hotel in Canada ? As such, such articles are pure envy of the entitled, the envious or the merely uninformed !
    To put things into perspective:
    Looking at Expedia’s Las Vegas review of Trump hotel it shows 4.6 out of 5:
    For the Trump hotel in New York out of 984 reviews 719 are excellent

    1. One could compare these reviews to the average world reviews of the Ritz Carlton, the hotel that was originally slated for this elegant Erickson tower until the 2008 meltdown stopped investment in its tracks. After that it’s almost like Holborn courted the first Golden Goose (or should that be Guilded Duck?) that came along.

    2. Yunno Thomas you really do have a distorted view of life’s priorities! ” . . . can afford to stay at the Trump Hotel or would even chose to stay at a fairly expensive 5 star hotel in Canada? As such, such articles are pure envy . . . Let me give you something to be envious about Tommie.
      Before I returned to Canada after a two year sojourn in Mexico City I live in Hotel Isabel in Centro Historic: a very modest establishment whose main attribute was it’s convenient central location. My room was on the, sixth, top garden floor: every morning when I opened my door the Sun burst in, the floral fragrance was beguiling. Senorita Marina, tided my room and bathroom and generally made sure I was comfy.
      I’m trying to remember the cost: something like MX$3,000 pesos monthly (C$400.00) late nineties.
      There are dozens of Trump like hotels in Mexico City, and in past I must have done one. Usually in the Zona Rosa!
      Whatever my motives for downgrading to Hotel Isabel it absolutely was not envy and you are super weird to even intimate such a motive on anyone!
      God bless you Tommie stay safe, delusions intact, in the UEL.

  2. Why would you single out Trump tower?
    -comment deleted as per editorial policy-
    The built environment is an inhuman disgrace and the irony is that the protagonists are hell bent on making a buck while inadvertently leaving trail of urban ugliness and unpayable debt.
    Vancouver is no exception!

    1. Ummmm, “comment delete . . .” I’m surprised and I cannot remember what I wrote! One thing is sure, a delete is more devastating, uh ho what was all that about, than if it was just ignored.
      No matter we survive.
      I am not sure of the problem though. I am merely a little guy trying to get thru the night. I mean I have my share of shiny gongs and paper platitudes but in the end none of that seems to matter.
      What does matter, observing scatalogical history is money.
      Moooooney as Kevin would say!
      Now that is super weird for, indeed, every institution, every business and every individual (hey, not me), for all I know, is up to their super jingles in debt.
      So, if I proffer some innocuous comment that gets under the wrapping of sensitive little souls and those sensitive little souls are the perps of unsymmetrical little pop-offs that scratch our urban sensibilities, and indeed, other’s more un-raucous sensibilities doesn’t that make our night just a little longer and a little darker?

      1. Recently, a comment of mine was completely deleted. Not even a trace of being censored remained. It was humour that must have been seen to be cutting a bit deep.
        George Carlin is probably politically incorrect too, in these ‘safe’ times.

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