The Arbutus Greenway is a 9-km long corridor, stretching across the city, with the opportunity to develop something magical out of a disused railway right-of-way. The next step is upon us, and another chance for us all to get involved.

What should I be when I grow up?

The background is that the City of Vancouver wants to create a high-quality public space for walking, cycling and wheeling, with a streetcar line in the longer-term plan. Previous planning material is HERE (14-page PDF), including several reference designs from other places like Atlanta, Minneapolis and Chicago (with costs).
For those new to the idea, here’s a definition:  Transportation greenways are linear public corridors  for pedestrians and cyclists that connect parks, nature reserves, cultural features, historic sites, neighbourhoods  and retail areas.
You’ll get lots of chances to see what’s up, and to put your thoughts on the table.  Free hot chocolate, too.
Online survey HERE until Feb 15.
Open Houses

Pop-up Hot Chocolate Kiosk

  • Feb 1,  8:00am – 10:00am
    at Arbutus Street and Broadway Street by the Arbutus Greenway and eastbound B-line stop
  • Feb 1, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    at West 41st Avenue and West Boulevard


  1. Where would a streetcar terminate at the northern end? The Broadway Subway?, or would it try to replace the western end of the 16 and stretch further into town?
    All the renders I’ve seen show a single track, suggesting infrequent aesthetic streetcar service rather than substantive transit.

    1. That could be a question for Translink, if it ever comes to adding a streetcar along the greenway. For now, the city is leaving space for a future streetcar line.

    2. Plenty of frequent substantial service in Amsterdam with single track segments. Not really a big deal, and judging from my last run along much of the length of the thing, rarely needed.

  2. Let’s hope that it is designed in a similar way to the New York Highline. A meandering walkway with plantings of west coast shrubs and trees and with many areas for sitting quietly. No speeding joggers or bikes.

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