A ranking and analysis of cred and partisanship of many news sources. Most appropriate in this polarized and scary era.
A handy way for you to either figure out whether your mind resides in a bubble, or to seek out the comfort of a bubble to confirm your pre-existing views.
Especially helpful for those whose brains swirl with the 1950’s fossil fuel / urban sprawl fantasy, and need some place to look for companionship and consolation. Really, a big time-saver and de-stressor for them.

Click image for larger version, and thanks to Imgur


  1. Anyone who thinks that New York Times, Washington Post, CBC or NPR is mainstream ie unbiased, and who thinks the Economist is right of center SERIOUSLY has to give their head a shake.
    CNN or USA Today clearly are in the middle and Fox slightly right of center. MSNBC (like CBC) is correctly placed.
    I stopped watching TV and unsubscribed due to far too many ads and too much biased and selected reporting.
    In Vancouver, Vancouver Sun seems rather unbiased to me, unlike Globe&Mail or Toronto Star (both left) or Toronto Sun (right).

    1. NYT, Economist et all are well to the right of center on most economic issues (where I define center as the mean of what citizens believe/want per opinion surveys), but are well to the left on social issues. To be fair, this is probably in line with their readership which skews wealthy/socially ‘progressive’ although of course there is a chicken and egg problem there.
      When it comes to foreign policy they are generally just propaganda for Western interests and in this area one’s only hope of being somewhat informed is to seek out sources that the chart above does not recommend or is not even aware of.

  2. I’m afraid this diagram serves an ideological function (is Ken implying this? I cannot tell).
    As with most propaganda, the most important message is not what it says, but what it assumes. Never mind the confusion of liberal with left, or the reduction of political views to partisanship. The main function of the diagram is to reduce politics to a left-right continuum with truth and reason in a supposedly unbiased middle. Of course the middle is not (cannot be) unbiased. Often it is flat-out wrong, as it was for American slavery, the rise of the Nazis, civil rights, and climate change.
    Consider where this leaves us. The terms left and right arose at the time of the French revolution. Conservatives sat to the right of the king, radicals to the left. So who is in the centre? The king. Which is exactly what this diagram shows. That circle in the middle is the distillation of establishment thought.
    This diagram – the whole shameful campaign against fake news – is part of a continued effort to stave off competition and a political realignment that has been a long time coming. That effort has made things so much worse. These are the people who gave us Trump.
    Had I listened only to them, I would have been surprised by Trump’s victory. I was not, because I did not: from the spring onward (or earlier), the signs I saw were that the anti-establishment campaign would win. (CBC was one indicator: comments there were strongly pro-Trump months before the election.) Had I listened only to them, I would have been surprised by the financial crisis. I was not, because I did not: following the run on Northern Rock in spring 2008, I pulled investments. Had I listened only to them, I would have thought the Iraq War was a good idea. Well, in that case I did listen. My mistake.

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