A TSP in Finland

//A TSP in Finland

By Gord Price
I’ve been suggesting for a while that the next big stage in transportation will be the emergence of the Transportation Service Provider – a single contractual agency, private and/or public, that will provide the user with a suite of integrated transportation options, plus the information needed to access them all, for a single fee.
Peter Ladner is also intrigued with the idea, and passed this along: “the world’s first and only monthly mobility service”- 249 Euros a month that buys unlimited car rental, taxi and transit rides.

Helsinki takes another pioneering step in mobility services: HRT public transport added to the Whim mobility app
November 15th became a landmark in the history of urban mobility when Helsinki Regional Transport (HRT) board approved terms for offering public transport as part of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) services. The newly established contract terms make HRT the world’s first capital region transport provider to offer MaaS services to its customers.  …
The CEO and Founder of MaaS Global, Sampo Hietanen, is known internationally as the father of the entire MaaS concept. The core idea of the concept is that one convenient service fulfills all our daily mobility needs.
“We want to realise people’s dreams of true freedom of mobility,” Hietanen says. “Our shared goal is to offer a viable alternative to today’s car owners, which enables them to combine public transport and a car as needed.”
MaaS Global and Whim have been the object of growing international attention. As well as being recently featured in media like The Economist and New York Times, they have received Smart City awards in both Finland and Sweden. Whim is the world’s first and only monthly mobility service of its kind.

And here’s a story on a related app:

Finland’s capital, Helsinki, is about to launch a program that could virtually eliminate car ownership and give its residents the ability to plot an on-demand commute from their phones.
It’s mostly the vision of Sonja Heikkilä, a 24-year-old Helsinki transportation engineer.
Her idea was to create a real-time marketplace for customers to choose among transport providers and piece together the fastest or cheapest way of getting where they need to go. The providers’ services would be distilled into an app through which a customer could plan a route.
Here’s what the Kutsuplus app looks like:


  1. This all-you-can-eat buffet mentality of transportation is totally wrong. When people go to a fixed price buffet they stuff their faces. Same goes for transportation. There must be an incentive to economise.

  2. Sounds like a sweet deal – Taxis included too?
    In good old BC, you’ll spend at least a hundred bucks a month on the most basic car insurance you can possibly buy

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