As predicted, it’s senior government politicians, particularly those representing the far suburbs, that try to derail proposals for tolls in the central city.  Scot found this in the Toronto Star: 

Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown wants Premier Kathleen Wynne to put up a roadblock on Mayor John Tory’s plan to toll the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway. …
Brown, who will introduce a motion in the Legislature on Thursday to derail Tory’s scheme, said a Conservative government would make up for the lost toll revenue by managing infrastructure dollars better.
Tory, who led the Conservatives between 2004 and 2009, was not amused by his successor’s announcement.
“If Patrick Brown is trying to score cheap political points in the 905, maybe he should have championed a plan to fix people’s commutes into Toronto,” Amanda Galbraith, Tory’s director of communications, said in an email.
“Now, he needs to explain to Toronto residents why he’s happy to let them live in a city that can’t afford to fight traffic or build transit,” said Galbraith.


  1. Well it’s pretty much a certainty the toll roads won’t go ahead then, as Wynne will be out on her ear next ON election.

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