Long traditionally a region that prides itself on transportation options and rejecting the freeway movement in the 1960’s and 70’s (still the only major city in North America that boasts no freeways within its core) what Vancouver has done is set an impressive goal to have at least two-thirds of all trips by sustainable ways by 2040.

Streetfilms was lucky to be at the ProWalk ProBike ProPlace 2016 this Summer where we got to hang with many of the smartest folks in the world and meet many of Vancouver’s coolest citizens including former Vancouver Chief Planner, Brent Toderian, the Manager of Transportation Planning, Dale Bracewell and Melissa and Chris Brunlett, the husband-wife activist combo behind Modacity, who do so many great things, I’ll just make you visit their website to enjoy their journalism and ability to capture cycling with their cameras.


  1. This is a great video. But it would have been stronger if it had shown that the regional story is more complex, and includes an ongoing fight to prioritize transit over freeway boondoggles like the Massey Bridge. Maybe that needs a stand-alone video . . .

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