By Gord Price
… and not just Vancouver.

A building branded with the name of an American president — any president, but perhaps especially Mr. Trump — would be a tempting target for terrorists and other enemies of the United States.
Who is going to protect the buildings? Will the Trump organization hire a security firm to do the job, or will the American taxpayer be on the line for the bill? Will foreign governments offer to pay to secure the properties — a subsidy of the Trump organization that would probably violate the Emoluments Clause? – NY Times

Will Vancouver be expected to pay for that security, not to mention deal with the disruption of protests in front of the big gold ‘Trump’ sign on Georgia Street?  Well, of course.
But it will only take one significant terrorist attack at any Trump-branded hotel for the loss of business to be felt at every related franchise.
If I were Holburn, the company with the contractual obligations, I’d be more than a little anxious.


    1. BTW, wasn’t there some urban legend about this site being haunted; and, hence, always fails financially? I didn’t believe it, but it’s statistically significant now!

  1. A true jewel and high end hotel. Let’s acknowledge he won the US election fair and square and let’s stop the whining.
    The loonie left needs to always oppose some symbol that they do not like such as pipelines, oil terminals, a new wider bridge or now the alleged evil doer Trump. His policies will be far less controversial than his campaign rhetoric.

    1. His policies will be far less controversial than his campaign rhetoric.
      Apologists for Trumps campaign invective, bald discrimination and hate mongering (let’s not allow these to be dismissed as mere “rhetoric”) need to look at most of his cabinet appointments. The signs are not good that these folks, who will never have more power, will not act on their well-known extremist core prejudices.
      We won’t know for sure how hard it will be for them to keep their hubris and anger in check until about the mid-term phase. My guess is that congress or the senate may well have to restrain this bunch some time after that.

  2. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!
    Pipelines are not symbols.
    Oil terminals are not symbols.
    A new bridge is not a symbol.
    A bridge that replaces a tunnel is not a wider bridge, it’s just a bridge.
    The Trump is a flamboyant ignoramus with a following of hopeful grovelers led by Mitt Romney.
    We might know what is fair and square after the recounts and then even then maybe not.

  3. The kerning (spacing between letters) is awful on that sign.
    Whoever installed it should be forced to reperform the work and fix it (if it hasn’t already been done).

    1. I couldn’t help fixating on the same thing—trivial next to possible terror attacks, and all the wilful imbecility now represented by the letters t-r-u-m-p, but still eye-burning. If you want to ruin anyone’s happiness, teach them to recognize bad kerning. It’s everywheeeeerrrreee.

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