For those folks that like to park but don’t pay their parking fines, there is a new device to replace “The Boot” that is attached to your car tire and means you can’t move your car. “The Boot” was effective in that it immobilized the car. The challenge for parking enforcement staff was installing “The Boot”. You can imagine that kneeling on a street and being bent over the tire of a car installing “The Boot” might be upsetting to the offending motorist or bystanders.

Enter the Barnacle. As reported in City Lab,  “The concept behind the apparatus, made by New York’s Ideas That Stick, is simple: It’s a rugged plastic rectangle that attaches with incredible force to the windshield, and can’t be removed until motorists pay a fine over the phone and get a release code. Adding insult to injury, drivers are then expected to return it to a drop-off location within 24 hours”.

“If they try to move the car or pry the “Barnacle” off, a la Homer Simpson jackhammering a boot, an alarm goes off. And if they huck it into a dumpster after paying the penalty, a GPS tracker will keep it on parking enforcement’s radar.”


So far two cities, Fort Lauderdale Florida and Allentown Pennsylvania are trialing this device. No word yet on the effectiveness of the Barnacle, but it is quick and  relatively effortless to install and several can be carried around in one vehicle. Somehow it just seems easier to use active transportation and transit. And pay your parking fines.