Like me, I’m sure others are wondering what will spring up at the Jericho and Heather Lands in Vancouver.
Here’s a hint — the ~5-acre Marine Drive Lands (4195 Marine Drive) in West Vancouver.  This parcel is owned by the same consortium that owns most of Jericho and all of the Heather Lands in Vancouver.
You can download a 16-page PDF of the recent open house’s presentation boards HERE.
For me, the plan shows welcome hints of how the CLC/MST Partnership group may approach Jericho and Heather.  Namely, in this case, choice and diversity.
In addition, forward-thinking consideration of the demographic changes now upon us — namely downsizing geezers like me and young families.  Right in line, this is, with the West Vancouver Official Community Plan (OCP)’s vision for the site:  “Future Housing Choice, in particular, for multi-family housing.”.  The plan does not seem focused on maximizing short-term profit, although I am certain that nobody will get stiffed along the way.

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Canada  Lands Company and the MST Partners are exploring how the site can meet the need for increased  choice and housing diversity. Recent projections indicate the percentage of the population 65 years  and older will increase 27% from 2011 to 2031. This population may want to reside in the same neighbourhood they have lived in for years, but may  need to relocate to access greater housing choice to address mobility, maintenance and economic  issues. In addition to meeting this housing demand for seniors we are also interested in exploring  housing options that appeal to younger families and housing with a variety of price points.

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