By Gord Price



The total cost of the first phase of the plan is $2 billion, with $370 million coming from the federal government and $246 million from the province for capital costs. TransLink is contributing $1.3 billion in capital and operational funding.

So wtf was the referendum for?  Why did we waste millions and, more importantly, precious time to get where we all could have been with a little negotiation if the Premier hadn’t locked us into that pointless exercise?

Which, according to the law, we will have to do again if this is to happen unless the Province decides otherwise:

A regional funding source for the second phase has not yet been determined, but mobility pricing has been proposed and would require approval from the province.

But, instead of a commitment, the usual bullshit:

Peter Fassbender, minister responsible for TransLink, said he was pleased with the mayors’ vote.

“Because of the positive decision today, the next step is to continue to collaborate with the federal government and the region to look at what the future might hold,” he said.

What might the future might hold?  You tell us.

That is the point of an election: for political leaders to declare their intentions and commitments.

So far, the Liberal’s commitment is to require a referendum if there is to be a new revenue source for transit funding – resulting in the trashing of TransLink and the removal of transit as a funding priority, while the provincial government commits to massive roads and bridges.

Without ever having to say so.