Gord Price: Put “Trump” in a PT head and it’s sure to elicit comments.  The Trump Divide: Rural and Urban from last Thursday has generated 30 comments (so far), and got a little hot and personal in the process.
But the post was meant to draw attention to the increasingly clear division in contemporary politics between voters in rural and urban constituencies.  A subsequent New York Times piece, summarized above, explains how that bias now benefits the rural vote because of locked-in constitutional structures from the 19th century and an innate anti-urban bias in the culture.  Yeah, urban voter, the system is rigged.
True in the States, true in Canada, as this post from 2014 argued – The Uncovered Issue: Danger of a Built-in Bias against Metro Vancouver.
The question for British Columbians now: How Trumpian will our provincial election in May get?  What similarities, what differences?

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