The US election is over and it appears some of the 20th century lessons about the importance of tolerance, diversity, and understanding are being challenged. Price Tags contributor Scot Bathgate sent along this article stating that The Canadian Immigration website has crashed on election day, suggesting that some Americans are seeking advice on how to enter Canada either to live in or to become a citizen.

Meanwhile the Indy 100 has repeated the list of the top 230 cities in the world to live in based upon living standards which include political stability, crime, recreation, natural environment, housing and media availability. The top ten cities on that list:

1. Vienna, Austria

2. Zurich, Switzerland

3. Auckland, New Zealand

4. Munich, Germany

5. Vancouver, Canada

6. Dusseldorf, Germany

7. Frankfurt, Germany

8. Geneva, Switzerland

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

10. Sydney, Australia

What impact will this change of governance have on Metro Vancouver? Will the housing market become more expensive as more Americans look to invest stocks and dollars in a more stable Canadian economy? Will there be a surge of political and economic immigrants from the United States?  As the only North American city on the above Top Ten list, will we see a new surge of housing buyers?

There is an informal couch surfing list circulating on Facebook of Canadians willing to  provide a couch for Americans in the same way that the good people of Gander Newfoundland and elsewhere provided towels, sheets and housing for all those Americans stranded when their grounded airplanes could not go to US airspace after 9/11 in 2001. Except this time the visitors may be looking for a roof for four years not just four days.