There is one group that has been quietly benefitting from Airbnb and it may surprise you-seniors.

Currently about 10 per cent of Airbnb hosts in Canada are seniors, and half of that group say they  are using the income to supplement their pensions. And Airbnb have been collecting those statistics as reported in this Globe and Mail article. Hosts aged 60 and older are Airbnb’s fastest-growing demographic. Senior women make up nearly two-thirds of all senior hosts. They also get the highest ratings from guests.

“Seniors come to Airbnb to earn a bit of money to pay for extra expenses. But it’s not just the increased earnings. It’s the whole component of social inclusion that comes with being an Airbnb host. This is a generation that grew up in an era where travel was about meeting people. It wasn’t about scoring the perfect selfie.”

In this Airbnb report hosts that are 60 years and older receive not only the highest percentage of five-star ratings, but the percentage of five-star reviews increases commensurate with the host age. Over 62 per cent of trips hosted by seniors garner a five-star review. Food for thought on your next Airbnb booking.