Always provocative and cutting edge VICE has put together a series of short films profiling some of America’s most iconic boulevards and their relationship with the neighbourhoods they transect.  The Streets by VICE series drops in on eight culturally and geographically unique cities ranging from Austin to Chicago and from Biscayne Blvd to Market Street.  The premise:

“…..take one American city and try to tell its story by the history of one single street.”


Spoiler alert….. Perhaps not surprisingly the tales told are predominately about cities undergoing change and gentrification as communicated by firsthand accounts from longtime residents and community leaders.  As expected the opinions are mixed depending on what side of the street you’re on, nevertheless it’s an informative journey VICE takes us on; thought-provoking, fun, unique, Porn for the Urban Geographer and City Lover in all of us.


I suggest starting off with Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.  From the Hipster epicenter of Williamsburg to the historic racial tensions of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood,  this episode is a great jumping off point for the series theme.  Warning, the language and content from the characters in the San Francisco episode (Market Street) is not suitable for children.

If Streets by VICE ventured to Vancouver, what street should be profiled?  Keen to hear your thoughts in the comment section.