John Graham sends this along from Quora:

What is that one picture that best describes your city / country / state?


We see here a guy cycling. That’s not that strange or peculiar, isn’t it? But wait, you can actually get quite a lot from this picture:

  • It’s raining. The weather of the Netherlands isn’t the best one around.
  • That guy is cycling through the rain. Quite a few foreigners I spoke can’t understand why we would go out and cycle when it’s raining, but well, bicycles are such a part of us Dutchies that if we could go out to walk, we can also go by bike. It also shows that it can be quite rainy in the Netherlands.
  • He is cycling on a woman’s bike. We don’t care about that. Or women riding on men’s bikes. Or whatever bikes. Or doing whatever on a bike. Just look at this picture to see how little we care:


Last but not least: this guy is the prime minister of the Netherlands. Even at top level you go by bike. One of our former prime ministers, Wim Kok, was known for going to meetings in the UN building by taking the bike from his hotel towards that building. This picture is nice, from when Obama visited Amsterdam: