From Fox News, of all places:


Every $1,300 New York City invested in building bike lanes in 2015 provided benefits equivalent to one additional year of life at full health over the lifetime of all city residents, according to a new economic assessment.

That’s a better return on investment than some direct health treatments, like dialysis … Our greatest public health intervention, vaccines, take about $100 investment to yield one quality-adjusted life year …

The study did not distinguish between bike lanes, bikeways, shared-use paths and other bike facilities, said Anne Lusk, a research scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston who was not part of the new study. …

Painting unprotected bike lanes into roads may not reduce injury and death, she said.

“Once considered desirable because they were ‘low hanging fruit,’ we need to stop painting door zone bike lanes and start creating barrier protected cycle tracks,” Lusk said. Riding in the so-called door zone can be fatal if someone in a parked car opens their door at the wrong time, she said.