People are pretty attached to their pets and now if you live in New York State they can be buried with you too. A new law signed by  Governor Cuomo allows cremated remains of pets to be interred alongside their humans.

The new law permits only cremated remains of pets to be buried. Religious cemeteries are exempt, and cemeteries are not obligated to accept animals. “Four-legged friends are family for many New Yorkers,” Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, said in a statement. “Who are we to stand in the way if someone’s final wish includes spending eternity with them?”

There are still some rules. The animals have to be domesticated as defined by the state, but that can include many types of animals.

New York State has been on the forefront of new statutes on mistreating animals and has toughened up regulations around pet stores.  And for the living, you can now legally bring your pet to any outside table at a restaurant in the state.

And yes, some animals have ended up in New York cemeteries. A Civil War horse named Moscow is interred near his owner in Sand Lake Union Cemetery in Averill Park, N.Y., and there are several dogs, some with their own monuments, buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.