Not quite Google Buses, but it has implications:


From Business in Vancouver:

TransLink has no plans to halt the for-pay employee shuttle that Tsawwassen Mills started operating September 29 to help its tenants attract employees in time for the mall’s October 5 launch. …

It will travel to Scott Road SkyTrain station, where it would also leave every half hour. Each trip would take 25 minutes.

Fees for the shuttle, the only one at a Metro Vancouver mall, will be $2 each way or $40 for a monthly pass.

“We’re pleased with the way the traffic is building on the employee shuttle service,” Tsawwassen Mills general manager Mark Fenwick told Business in Vancouver October 4.
While B.C.’s South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act designates TransLink as the exclusive body responsible for approving all independent for-pay transit service operations in Metro Vancouver, TransLink has no plans to halt the shuttle’s operations because the service is exclusively being offered to employees at the mall.


Surely any development on this scale that requires its own shuttle just to get employees to work is the antithesis of everything this region is supposed to stand for.