James Bligh just sent this in:

You may have already heard but Bing Thom passed away.

It would be really nice to mention his outstanding contributions to Canadian and Vancouver architecture on Price Tags. Let me know and I can write something – however it might be nice to collect snippets from a variety of people whose lives he has touched.



Please, James – Price Tags welcomes your thoughts on Bing’s contribution to Canadian and Vancouver architecture.  Indeed, to the world, given his breath of work.

For me, Bing was a singular Vancouverite: a man passionate about this city, with a depth of understanding that was always insightful, frequently surprising and often provocative, sometimes maddening. But it came from a place of care and concern, even when he was frustrated with our short-sightedness.

For many, it was his personal contact – the outreach, the conversations, the assistance, the follow-through – that was a measure of the man.

We welcome your own snippets, as it were – your memories and thoughts on the contribution and meaning of this remarkable man who will be deeply missed in this city.