Alarmists keep predicting massive traffic failure and gridlock whenever a significant step is taken to reverse Motordom – most  recently in Paris where, on September 25, the Right Bank quais were closed to traffic.

Doug Clarke passes this along from Le Monde, in a translated version:


Revealed by The Sunday newspaper (JDD) of 25 September, the first figures measuring the traffic in the heart of the capital, three weeks after the end of Paris Plages and the non-reopening to traffic lanes on shore banks right, turn out less alarmist than forecast.

While the decision to approve the pedestrianization of the Georges Pompidou road tunnel between the Tuileries (1st district) and the port of the Arsenal (12th) will be submitted to vote of the Council of Paris, Monday 26 September, these observations are a surprise to the mayor (Socialist Party, PS) of the city, Anne Hidalgo, who will face a rising opposition strongly against this project. …

… it appears that a significant number of motorists have already integrated measurement and have adapted by changing the route or mode of transportation. …

In the end, Anne Hidalgo assured, on RTL, the pedestrianization of the banks had already resulted in “decreases in circulation,” called the evaporation of the movement-, of the order of 10% “.