Took a ride along the temporary version of the Arbutus Greenway from 10th Ave to 37th Ave on Saturday, Sept 24.  This Greenway will be, when completed, a treasure for the citizens of Vancouver for generations to come. I am delighted that this land will become a Greenway, hopefully for everyone, and not condos or a private park.

I did see that some likeable, if rudimentary, elements of design are already in place, and have been for ages.  And these provide some small measure of connectivity.  There are several informal pathways, of limited degrees of accessibility, that connect people to the Greenway from the surrounding ‘hood.  Just as in Richmond, along the Railway Greenway. Mostly, though, these pathways limit Greenway accessibility through them to able-bodied walkers. I’d much rather see accessibility for all ages and abilities.

Also, the City has given some hints as to how the (surprisingly few) intersections of Greenway with motor-vehicle arterials may be handled.  Today, people on the Greenway are directed a few metres (usually west) to the existing pedestrian crossings by bends and curves in the Greenway.