Very well-known, the Digital Orca by Douglas Coupland.  Located in Jack Poole Plaza on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver.

It touches on the themes of the harbour, wildlife, and the emergence and rapid growth of a digitally-oriented segment of our economy. Even as the ships, full of rocks and logs, as ever, sail past and head out into the world.


Douglas Coupland:  The Digital Orca sculpture acts as a sculptural conduit that allows the viewer to travel in time between the past and the future, also allowing the viewer to marvel along the way at the people and activities that created Vancouver’s thriving harbour culture. The sculpture also addresses the massive changes currently reshaping the economy of the Province.

Through the act of pixelizing an orca whale in three dimensions – a process that creates a crackling and unexpected sensation in the viewers mind – the orca cliché is turned upside down and what we thought we knew well is rendered exciting and new. On closer inspection, the colours and materials used in the sculpture’s surfacing evoke the everyday life of the harbour and the diversity of those workers on the working waterfronts of the Province.