From John Graham:
Further to your piece today on autonomous trucks, here is a mind-blowing graphic I found the other day which shows the most common job in each state.  It suggests that getting rid of truck drivers is going to be interesting.  The source is CB Insights, one of the most respected data around.


  1. Regardless of whether truck drivers are a significant demographic or not the future will definitely see humans eliminated from all long haul transport. Autonomous trucks and trains are coming whether the drivers protest or not. Transport companies will insist on it. A vehicle that drives itself and only has to stop for fuel/recharge and scheduled maintenance will pay for itself in no time. The delay will come from a government unwilling to see millions of voters suddenly unemployed, but it will only be a delay. Industry lobbyists will eventually win the day.
    Local trucking, on the other hand, will likely increase because a driver can load and unload goods. Drones may eventually deliver a few small items, but they can’t get out a hand cart, load it with boxes, go in the front door, ride the elevator to the correct floor and deliver the entire load to the correct desk.

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