Interested in the “other parcel”, the 21-acre Heather Street Lands?  Mark your calendar.
You can attend a Welcome Event (the launch of the planning process) on Saturday, September 24, 2016 . Noon to 3 pm, 4949 Heather Street, at the Heather Street Lands.

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In the same flurry of transactions in October 2014 that released the Jericho Lands from DND use and positioned it for development, the former RCMP HQ at 37th and Heather in Vancouver went to the same groups.

Canada Lands Company and the MST Partnership have come together in a joint venture as the owners of the Heather Street Lands. The MST Partnership comprises the Musqueam Indian Band, Squamish Nation and Tsleil-Waututh Nation.

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These lands comprise 21 acres, located in a very ripe area, smack in the middle of low-density old-time car suburbs. Note the intense densification taking place along Cambie Street in this area as a hint of a possible future here.


  1. It’s probably time to start thinking about blasting the basalt for the 33rd Ave Station on the Canada Line and ordering those third train cars. By the time the Heather site is completed, the Cambie corridor will be built-out.

  2. Given that the Musqueam have said they aren’t interested in building affordable housing and the location of these sites, you can bet the bulk of them will be going to offshore buyers.

  3. We already have a very good idea of what’s going to happen at Jericho. Look at the Musqueam plan for Block F, currently a forested area along University Blvd. Those plans call for something similar to Wesbrook Village (also out near UBC) with some 15-20 storey buildings and a whole lot of 5-7 storey ones. The UBC plan calls for some commercial along Univeristy Blvd. and I expect to see the same along 4th Avenue. Jericho, like Heather, offers some spectacular views if heights are arranged properly so expect some big price tags.

  4. There is another partner involved: Canada lands Company, which is an arm of the federal government. Presumably they will have some influence on the design, as will the city which will be processing both the Heather and the Jericho developments. Affordable housing could be negotiated by CLC which is presumably the majority funding partner.
    The Block F Musqueam project at UBC is quite small, perhaps smaller than Heather. But the towers proposed are in keeping with the precedent already set by campus development with 12 other towers built over the decades, some exceeding 20 floors (I believe Block F caps out at 21), most between 12-20. Block F is not unique, except that they are also preserving the most mature forest on that site. Without towers, the site would be razed.

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