Provincial NDP commit to funding 40% of the Metro Mayors’ transit plan.  With the Feds in for 50%, that leaves 10% for the Mayors, down from 17% under the BC Liberals.

Announcement HERE.  Backgrounder HERE.

A New Democrat government will get Metro Vancouver commuters moving again by increasing the provincial share of capital funding for public transportation improvements to 40 percent, clearing the way to shorter commutes and thousands of new construction jobs over the next 10 years. . .

. . .  “The Metro mayors have worked hard to develop a 10-year transportation plan, and New Democrats support their vision. We’re going to work together to break the gridlock on our roads, fight climate change, and create thousands of good jobs as we move ahead.” . . .

. . .  “A New Democrat government will increase the province’s capital share from 33 per cent to 40 per cent to get moving on the transportation planning framework developed by Metro Vancouver mayors.

From the  backgrounder:

A New Democrat government would put communities back in charge of TransLink and work with them to determine the best funding sources going-forward.