Queen Elizabeth Park is home to a delightful piece of new sculpture.  You can find it west of the big “Quarry Garden” bowl (one of Vancouver’s significant treasures).

Artist Bruce Voyce calls it “Love In the Rain“.

It’s four sets of embracing, dancing figures, under umbrellas, built mostly with curved metal tubes, perfect for attaching a “love lock“. It’s whimsical, charming, practical and fun — all at the same time. Oh yes, and on a large concrete base, anticipating the weight of locks to come.

                                                      Artist Profile:  Bruce Voyce


Bruce is a well-known and highly celebrated artist residing in the Strathcona neighbourhood in Vancouver. Since 2005 he has collaborated with many Lower Mainland municipalities to produce site specific public art works.  Additionally his work has animated public spaces as far away as Japan.

More about the process at the Parks Board HERE.