Laneway House Award Winner

Jason Vanderhill provides the link to the Canada Council prize winners – and notes “This was more or less what I was hoping for when Vancouver moved forward on laneway housing a few years ago. ”


Ronald J. Thom Award for Early Design Achievement

The Ronald J. Thom Award for Early Design Achievement is awarded to either a practitioner of architecture or an architectural firm. The successful candidate must be in the early stages of a career or practice and must demonstrate both outstanding creative talent and exceptional potential in architectural design.

lane-3 Studio Junction inc. is an emerging Toronto practice, established by Peter Tan and Christine Ho Ping Kong in 2004. This multi-faceted practice alternates between the larger scale of building and the smaller scale of furniture. Studio Junction offers design, make and build through a design studio, woodworking workshop and build crew.

Studio Junction’s body of work operates in the context of “incremental urbanism” – the smaller, more modest projects that focus on place-making and contribute to creating a more diverse, vibrant neighborhood and livable city.

As with the Courtyard House and Mjolk House, the sites are confined and challenging. Projects are frequently mixed-use, with both a live and a work component. Courtyard typology and courtyard and atrium elements are often used to allow the projects to successfully adapt to an urban siting where there is no traditional front or rear yard.


1 thought on “Laneway House Award Winner”

  1. Aside from Lululemon’s paean to residential excess on Richie Rich Row, a current jaw-dropper is the industrial to residential conversion for sale now at 56 5th Ave E.

    Contemplate that a property in an industrial zone, last assessed at $3.381M, could have a list price of $8.75M – a bump of $5.369M.

    You might know diddly about architecture, but those are numbers that bury awards.

    If this property achieves anywhere near ask, expect an assault on industrial property for similar conversions and build-outs.

    This property – two facing houses – one a century plus house renoflated to the max; the other, a four storey new-build with elevator, is not my idea of Nirvana. If you’re rich enough to own the whole thing, it’s quite the pied-a-terre, but if you rent one of the houses out, your private courtyard – is not.


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