The First Annual Larry Bell Urban Forum


Mapping the Hedge City — Vancouver and Global Capital


September 23

5-8:30 pm

SFU Vancouver

Admission: $5. Buy tickets on Eventbrite. Admission is free for students with valid student ID.

Webcast: Free but reservations required. Reserve for webcast on Eventbrite.


Twenty years ago, geographer David Harvey described London’s redeveloped Docklands as a “landing strip for capital” from investors around the world. Today, Vancouver has joined London, New York, Sydney and other nodes of a world network of “Hedge Cities”—places to buy real estate to store capital as insurance against an uncertain future. How are cities and public policy reshaped by a world of transnational investment?

Chair and host: Andy Yan, Bing Thom Architects, and Simon Fraser University
Speaker: David Ley, University of British Columbia
Panelists: Prof. Manuel Aalbers, University of Leuven; Prof. Angie Chung, University of New York at Albany; Melissa Fong, University of Toronto; Prof. J. Rhys Kesselman, Simon Fraser University; Dallas Rogers, Western Sydney University; Ian Young, South China Morning Post; Prof. Meg Holden, Simon Fraser University

This event is sponsored by The Larry Bell Urban Forum. The Forum is made possible by a generous donation by Larry Bell to the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia.

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