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Temporary Pathway Consultation:  From the City of Vancouver:
The Arbutus Greenway is a future north-south transportation corridor that will connect False Creek to the Fraser River.
In the short term, the City of Vancouver is building a temporary pathway that everyone can enjoy. We’re looking at several different types of hard-surface materials, especially those that that improve safety and accessibility.
Space is limited so RSVP soon HERE, or at, to participate and have your say.

  • Saturday, September 17th, at the False Creek Community Centre between 1-3pm.
  • Wednesday, September 21st, at the Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel between 7-9pm.
  • Thursday, September 22nd, at the Kerrisdale Community Centre between 7-9pm.

I’ll probably attend.  While I certainly do not expect to have a veto, I will be speaking in favour of a temporary pathway that allows as many potential Greenway users as possible to travel it and imagine their preferred final design. I will oppose exclusion in any form.
More project info HERE, plus a sign-up page for the project newsletter.


  1. Mere lip-service. There will be no meaningful public consultation whatsoever, and all Vancouver residents now know it. Vision cannot hide from its own track-record.

  2. “Space is limited” and “I will oppose exclusion in any form” = a contradiction in terms. Not a good way to begin supposedly open consultation.

  3. Here’s a timelapse video I took of a bike trip home from work along the Arbutus Greenway. The not-surprising takeaway – almost no one is using the Greenway south of 41st Ave where no improvements have yet been installed. Video complete with ped/cyclist/dog counter.

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