Another afternoon wandering by bike around the Mural Festival’s hot zone (Main and Broadway), another few murals seen for the first time.  This one pre-dates the Festival and is by Spencer Keeton Cunningham.

To me, these highly stylized figures show elements of self-destructiveness, what with weapons, missing appendages and cigarettes.


Three Wolves — 2014.  Spencer Keeton Cunningham.

What does art mean to you personally?   . . . . I personally make art because it feels natural and I like the potential positive power that art has on it’s audience similar to writing, music and film.  The conversation you can start with art is unlike many other ways we have as humans of expressing ourselves.  We can only communicate with linguistics to a certain extent.  Then once that form of communication is exhausted I feel that we instinctively gravitate towards visual communication.

It’s like a dance in a sense, a communicative dance similar to certain species of birds and other animals mating rituals. I think we are all meant to be creating things with one another sort of like some giant ritual in a sense. I think as humans we become very detached from our “intuitive creative instincts” as I call them.

From 1xRUN