So it’s summer, and let the merriment continue.

But here’s that age-old tussle between safety precautions and the “get out of my face, let me do whatever I want” mentality.

First, this happened:  “Strong winds disrupted the annual event called the Port Huron Float Down on the American side of the St. Clair River over the weekend, pushing nearly 1,500 participants in dinghies over the border and onto the shores of Sarnia, Ont. . . .  “They were pushed over pretty quickly, and because they had no control over these dinghies and the wind was basically directing them and the current, they ended up over here,” Sarnia Police Const. John Sottosanti told “

Second, a rant in Vancouver 24 Hours by Ada Slivinshi in favour of freedom on all city property, including large inflatables in the water, letting people play soccer on a field where (new?) grass is growing. And massive (50+) parties (picnics, gatherings, etc) in parks and on beaches. And, of course, no safety rules should be in place until all other problems have been solved first:

These nonsensical rules are an example of the nanny state at its worst. Unable to fix the city’s real problems, politicians zero in on those things they can control and the result is the kids have a whole lot less fun.

Personally, I find Vancouver’s beaches and parks full of people having fun, watching the sunset, cooking BBQ and all the other stuff that people do.