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Along with rising home ownership prices, continued low rental vacancy rates are of serious concern to residents, local governments and business in the Metro Vancouver region. Metro Vancouver’s new Regional Affordable Housing Strategy promotes housing affordability and diversity, with a focus on rental housing supply and location. Local governments are key to implementing regional housing policy direction. Join us to hear about the regional strategy and what some municipalities are doing to stabilize and increase the supply of purpose built rental housing.
Speakers for Sept 15 – Vancouver:
·        Margaret Eberle, Metro Vancouver
·        Andrew Merrill, Major Project Planner, City of Coquitlam
·        TBC Tristan Johnson, Planning Analyst, New Westminster
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for Sept 15 – Vancouver


  1. Mid-level, sandwich-eating, regulatory bureaucrats yapping about supply constraints, first thing in the morning. Look up “irony.”

  2. Will they address made in Vancouver reasons why affordability is (intentionally ?) created through a variety of factors incl excessive building code, lack of density and lack of new land ?
    More on this here
    Note to editor: feel free to cut and paste this linked content and create a new blog post on ” ten reasons for lack of affordability and high house prices in MetroVan ” … You may find the 15 page building code for staircases in itself an interesting read !

    1. In the case of the specifics of that loft, a bigger staircase adds a lot to the cost, compared to the cost of a house, not so much.
      Costs for housing are such that they are 2x to 5x too expensive (judging by median salary), incrementally taking 10% off a build cost might help the first purchaser, or it might just line the pockets of the builder a bit more.
      There are undoubtedly things in the code which are annoying, and onerous, but they sure don’t stand in the way of affordable housing’s success, there are plenty of bigger fish to address also.

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