While looking around for Mural Festival sites, I came upon this mural on Central Street near Station Street.  This mural is based on the saddening memorial to CPR’s fallen soldiers, located at Waterfront Station at the foot of Granville.


  1. Saddening to some – maddening to others. Where are the images of civilians killed, crippled, disfigured.
    What is the aftermath of all the wars perpetrated by angry men? More wars.
    This iconography reinforces a glorification of the military mindset. Movies have been the most guilty of this mind crime.
    Where are the images of blown up babies; the children who still lose their legs from land mines; the soldiers in wheelchairs with colostomy bags.
    Where is the blood on the soldier being lifted by Winged Grace. Is he being lifted intact to heaven; or is he going to be food for the crows – his eyes plucked out; and fertilizer for the earth. Would realistic images dampen enthusiasm for war?
    War is just too damn profitable and damn the consequences.
    It’s a cruel irony that someone who makes poison gas or land mines is considered to be contributing to an economy, while a single mother on benefits is reviled by poor bashers and called a welfare queen. The poor suffer while the military goose steps.
    This world has manifold abundance or all, but billions suffer – because of greed, warmongering, religious intolerance, psychopathic power struggles.
    History has always been written by the victors about wars perpetrated by the 1%. Shifting this paradigm is possible, thanks to the Internet, but the effort is Sisyphean.
    The first casualty of war is truth. What is its last? Still truth.

  2. There’s a new post on TED about cluster bombs – that there were 4,000,000 of these submunitions dropped on Lebanon in 34 days – many of which lie in wait for the unsuspecting.
    We cluck about greenways.
    One of the great memes of the past few decades is Bikes Not Bombs. This is a great organization – right in there with Doctors Without Borders.
    Its message is cogent.
    Vancouver is supposedly a nuclear free city. There are also no land mines, killer drones, or cluster bombs.
    To name a bikeway Bikes Not Bombs would be a worthwhile act of peace. Which one would be most appropriate?

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