Located on Cambie between 8th and 7th, in front of Home Depot (one of six panels shown).

Odd, and delightful, how very quickly Mobi is becoming just another part of the CityScape. This Mobi’s rider used the built-in cable lock to secure the bike while (probably) shopping at next-door Save-On Foods.



“walking the line”, 2007, Doug Senft

To quote the attribution plaque“Imagery for this work was derived from the topography of the coastline of British Columbia.  GPS mapping software was used to acquire the original topographical information, which was refined through additional hand and computer drawing.  The steel was subsequently cut using computer guided high definition plasma cutting technology and then fabricated by hand.”

Commissioned by Grosvenor Canada Ltd.   (Six sculptural grates for fresh air intake vents for underground parking)