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A few items from the land of Vancouver bike-share.

Jens von Bergmann finds tweets-of-gold in the fast-growing thickets of Mobi data:  e.g. each bike gets around 3 rides per day so far. This is pretty good for a smallish system, as Mobi is currently, as the installation rolls out.


Ontario and Seawall station:   most popular (for a few days at least)

And as Mobi increases its utilization and physical reach, it also moves forward on the marketing front.  Kiosks and hair nets and new rates for the occasional (casual) rider: see more detail on rates HERE.  New daily pass and three types of monthly pass.


This related information comes from New York City via a large report on mobility in general. CITI Bike there has around 8000 bikes (soon growing to 10,000), and for some types of trips is cheaper and faster than a cab.