The Woodward’s atrium is an odd space.  Very big, flanked by a drug store and a grocery store, and surrounded by offices and parts of SFU, but not often busy. There are nifty things in it, such as the huge Gastown riots photo (50′ x 30′) by Stan Douglas, and a basketball hoop. But it just isn’t “sticky”.

And on this day, a lovely piano on wheels, apparently delivered by bike. The music echoes in a pleasing way for the few who are there.


“Abbot and Cordova, 7 August 1971”, by Stan Douglas; with piano accompaniment

Thanks to the Tyee:   Entitled “Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971,” the gigantic image by Vancouver artist Stan Douglas is a representation of a little known but crucial moment in Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside’s history. On that date, Vancouver police, in full riot gear, violently broke up a Smoke-In, a peaceful marijuana protest, inciting mayhem and destruction on Gastown’s streets. This event was the climax to heightened tensions between local government, hippies squatting in empty industrial buildings throughout Gastown and the predominately blue-collar families that had populated the neighbourhood for over a century.