The third stage of cycling infrastructure includes the build-out of a network of separated routes without a lot of controversy (other stages here).

Even though I’m familiar with the City’s transportation plans, this example of new separated lanes along parts of Nelson and Smithe, serving the Cambie Bridge, was in its way a surprise:

IMG_7646 (Large) IMG_7649 (Large)

They’re part of the larger improvements occurring in this part of downtown, connecting with the lanes on Richards and Dunsmuir:

IMG_7664 (Large)

The Beatty Street lane has not been entirely without controversy: those at the armoury, charged with handling crises from wars to earthquakes, were flummoxed at the prospect of a bike lane out front – but then that was about parking.

IMG_7655 (Large)A few years ago, the idea of taking road and parking space from two of the one-way arterials into the core would simply not have come up for serious conversation.

And yet, here they are.