Flack Block’s highly decorative (and gorgeous) entrance, pretty much unique in Vancouver, featuring dragons and faces.  Hastings near Cambie.


From Historic Places.ca   . . .  Flack Block is significant as an important surviving example of the work of William Blackmore (1842-1904), one of Vancouver’s most accomplished early architects. Blackmore’s work in the Romanesque Revival style helped to establish the character of Gastown and Victory Square as successful and progressive commercial districts. Designed in 1898 and built in 1899-1900 for Thomas Flack, who made his fortune in the Klondike gold fields, this building exhibits the mature development of the Romanesque Revival commercial style, with its powerful rhythmic articulation, textured surfaces and unity of materials that conveyed an image of corporate strength and security appropriate to late Victorian and early Edwardian-era sensibilities. The Flack Block retains significant characteristic stylistic features, including its rough-dressed stone facades, round-arched windows, voussoirs and twinned columns.