Fresh to hit the newsstands this week, it’s another who’s the best in the world ranking.  Stepping up to the plate is London based Monocle Magazine with their annual Quality of Life survey of the Top 25 Livable Cities in the world featured in their July/August issue.

Monocle Magazine

I appreciate Monocle’s refreshing analysis and metrics to determine their version of the best metros on earth.  Criteria such as: can you get a good meal after midnight, commuters who cycle to work, are dogs welcome? …move the needle.  In addition to the bog standard crime and safety stats, they employ a heavy emphasis on quality of food, drink and retail: “Those with a high number of independent bookshops prosper; those with a high number of Starbucks less so”.

Who will be number one this year?  Will Vancouver move up or down from it’s 2015 ranking of 7?  Grab the issue and find out.  Available at Whole Foods, Chapters/Indigo and select bookshops.  Happy BC day!