Took some Mobi bikes out on Sunday, and wandered around downtown, Olympic Village and elsewhere.  I like the simplicity – get a bike, ride somewhere, drop the bike.  Done. Get another when you’re ready, ride, drop, repeat.  Slick and simple.

I was looking for people riding Mobis, and found them easily.  Mobi is already a part of the mix of people on bikes, even at such early days for the system.

Perhaps I should call this effort (after Pokémon Go) Mobimon Go. Seeking out exotic creatures in the wild.

A few observations:

Mobi bikes attract people.  I spent as much time talking Mobi as I did riding Mobi.

The system seems solid.  The communications gizmos just do their job, and getting a Mobi is easy and quick. Don’t be misled by those who mistake the one-time, first-time, never-to-be-repeated registration procedure with the rest-of-your-life procedure.  The first time is sort of like getting a new debit card, and going through the registration procedure with the banker at the bank. After that, getting a Mobi is about as easy as paying for a loaf of bread at the grocery store.

The bike is heavy and clunky. It needs to be, given the circumstances of its life. But it rides smoothly, it’s very stable, and the seven-speed shifter works fine.