Darren Davis is now online and Michael Mortensen is back in Vancouver.

Darren is the Principal Public Transport Planner at Auckland Transport in New Zealand (and an instructor and facilitator for the SFU City Program’s Next Generation Transportation).  He’s also now blogging at Adventures in Transitland. 

Here’s a recent post that illustrates the advantage of communication among us Commonwealth cousins.


As is not unusual in Canada, with the laudable exception of Metro Vancouver, transit system redesigns and adjustments are either not done, not done in a systematic way, or are done and then rolled out over a very long timeframe.

Auckland is being increasingly recognised internationally for the speed at which we are working to transform our public transport system and cycleway network and there are useful lessons to be had for other cities and regions grappling with big issues around making public transit work better in an environment of scarce public funds.


And in other goods news, it’s a pleasure to announce that Michael Mortensen is arriving back in Canada today after a few years in London

Michael has posted on Price Tags periodically – and here’s his updated home page:


He’s setting up his own planning consulting firm: